About WeZipCode

Let’s face it-sometimes you need help! We all do.

Knowing where to look can be almost as important as what you are looking for…and the sooner, the better, right? Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to get lucky—or to search the whole world over, just to find a business just down the street.

WeZipcode.com was created for this very reason: to help you get the help you need, right when you need it, and right here in your own community…

Think of us like your “community water cooler”.

You can find out what your neighbors think about local services and businesses before you call: what do they do? how much do they charge? how fast can they get here? are they better than those other guys?

Everybody knows that word of mouth is always the best kind of advertising, which is why we always ask our friends and neighbors, when we don’t know where to turn…

Which is also why we created WeZipcode.com

WeZipcode.com is an on-line extension of OUR community, bringing the best local services and businesses from your zip code RIGHT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR! It’s “Buying Local”, brought right to you. It’s all here, at the touch of a few keys…the goods and services you need, right here, right now!

And when you buy local, you are not only getting better, faster service, you are also helping out your neighbors and friends…

…just like the community we all want to live in!

Forget old fashion business directories or complicated websites that are never updated, offer choices outside of your community, or end up taking you nowhere.

WeZipcode.com is a fun, easy way to get what you want, when you want it…right in your own backyard!
(not to mention that our mascot is an octopus! How cool is that?)

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