Car Tips & Tricks for Easier Winter Driving

car-in-snowWinter is a tough time of year where vehicles are concerned. Iced windshields, frozen locks, and getting stuck in mud and snow are all too common winter automotive realities. Follow these simple tips and tricks to make winter driving life a little easier.

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Do-it-Yourself Car Care Checklist

wezip-doitNot all that many years ago there were service stations with garages on almost every corner and whenever you bought gas, the folks at the service station would check under your hood to be sure everything was OK. Now, self service has replaced the old style service stations and you’re on your own.

Do you know how to check you engine oil? How about your battery, windshield wipers, and tires? If you’re not sure how and to check these basics of your car’s health, here’s a quick overview.

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Looking to sell your car? Here’s what you need to do

car-wezipIf you want to make a quick and profitable sale of your vehicle, then it needs to look really well maintained. If a car is dirty or heavily scratched, the potential buyer might see this as a sure sign of technical neglect as well and walk away from the deal.

So if you kept a clean and shiny car, then good for you! If not, you need to look for a professional auto detailing company in your area who can get it back in shape. Don’t go overboard with it as you don’t want it to look freshly detailed either. This may also be a deal breaker for some suspicious buyers as they may see this as a last minute cover-up in an attempt to trick them.

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