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Adding an Above-Ground Pool

abovepoolIf you don’t want the expense or hassle of installing an in-ground swimming pool, an above-ground pool is an affordable alternative.

A swimming pool may not add value to your home and property, but if you’re wanting that backyard cooling-off spot, an above-ground swimming pool costs far less than an in-ground pool. At around $6,000 for a basic above-ground model versus $30,000 for in-ground, you’ll spend 80% less, and you avoid the disruption of heavy equipment digging up your backyard.

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Helpful Tips for Salt Water Swimming Pools

thumbs upSalt water pools can be a great alternative to a traditional chlorine swimming pool. With proper attention, a salt water pool can be less costly, less work, and more comfortable for the body. Following are several tips that can help make caring for a salt water pool easier.

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What’s your safety system?

residential-swimming-poolLearn the simple steps you need to know to keep your friends and family safe in and around pools and spas.

The greatest water safety assurance in swimming pools and spas comes from adopting and practicing as many water safety measures as possible. Because you never know which one of these steps will make a difference—until it does.

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Staying safe in Residential Pools

photo13Adding as many water safety steps as possible is the best way to assure a safe and fun experience in a residential swimming pool or spa. Parents and families can build on their current safety practices by adopting water safety steps at home pools and spas.

These are safety steps you can adopt at your residential pool or spa:

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Tips for Fertilizing your Lawn

wezipcode-fertilizingTalk about overpopulation: Some experts say that in a square foot of lawn you can have a thousand grass plants. With that kind of overpopulation, you owe it to your lawn to feed it. The best way to fertilize a lawn is with a drop spreader. Pour the fertilizer into the top, and — as the name implies — it drops out of the bottom. You can change the settings to adjust the amount of fertilizer that is dropped on the lawn.

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Tips for early Spring Lawn Care

spring-lawn-care-wezipcodeStarting early with lawn care is the best way to get results. Act just before spring or right at the beginning of the season to provide your lawn with the foundation it needs for a lush, green cover. The following tips can be a great help:

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10 Best Landscaping Ideas

Need landscape ideas to add variety to your garden or add color year-round? We’ve got you covered. Try some or all of these landscaping ideas to spruce up your yard.

11. Greet Guests with Flowers
Flowers always make a home seem more welcoming. Adorn your entrance with assorted annuals and perrenials to keep color year long. Petunia, Snapdragon, Lily-of-the-Nile, and ‘Gertrude Jekyl’ roses are great additions.

If you have a small space beetween your house and the street, try putting a low fence in front. It gives the illusion that your house is farther from the street than it really is.

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How to Grow Herbs in Winter

herb-gardeningEnhance your indoor DIY vegetable garden with these 7 easy steps on how to grow herbs in winter. Fresh is best. You can hardly go wrong with this motto in general, and it’s certainly true when it comes to herbs. For years, I’ve been growing herbs to use in cooking, tea and other things. I love walking over to a pot and snipping just what I need. Fortunately, growing herbs year-round for fresh use is easy and enjoyable. Just follow these seven basic steps, and you’ll soon know how to grow herbs in winter too. more »

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