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Audio, Video and Home Entertainment Systems needs

audio-uvguyGreg Tucker, The A/V Guy, offers these tips for those of you thinking about your home entertainment systems needs:

1: Always make sure that your wires are LOOONNNGGG enough. Sounds simple, right? You would be surprised how many DIYers don’t measure such things. It makes hook up and service easier, faster, and much less expensive, if a tech is able to pull the equipment out to look at the back of the system.


Electrical Safety

Dangerous SituationWhile enjoying electric TVs, radios and other appliances, we may forget they can cause shocks and fires. In 1990, bad plugs, cords, switches, and outlets caused about 13,000 home fires and nearly 200 deaths. Most electrical fires and injuries can be prevented. People should take the time to have their electrical systems inspected and learn about electrical safety.