Guest Bloggers is looking for talented writers / bloggers to commit to write articles for our “Tips & Advice” blog on an regular basis. Ideally, we want articles on such diverse topics as home improvement, decorating ideas, business or service advice, professional service tips of any sort, professional marketing ideas, and business development, just to name a few. If you are willing to become an active part of our community, and want to share your words and wisdom on a regular basis, please read (and adhere to) these guidelines:

• Your blog post should be at least 500 words. We are not looking for the next great American novel, but we do want you to feel free to be as expansive as you wish.
• If you include any links, please understand that, reserves the right to disable or delete any links that we deem inappropriate or irrelevant.
• Pictures are encouraged, but they are not required for us to consider your submission. When you submit your posting, please make certain to credit the photographer (or at least the source) for your picture(s).
• In your submission, please include a bio; either at the top or the bottom of your post. You can also include a back-link to your portfolio, website or social media profile.
• We also suggest that you include an image of yourself. You don’t have to, if you do want to, but it is always nice to put a face on your work.
• Submissions should be saved in Word format (preferably .doc or .docx) Pictures should be sent in .bmp, or .jpg format.
• The article or blog should not be used to promote your business–or anyone else’s. Any links or mentioning of businesses can be included within the bio.

Author Promotion will allow every author to submit a picture of themselves, along with a profile or bio of their business. You may include links back to your business web page, as long as you adhere to the above. Your blogs must be real, not promotional.

Blog Post Promotion
The “Tips & Advice” blog is promoted through the site, as well as with our partnering blogs, social media posts like Facebook (over 3,000+ fans), Twitter (8,000+ followers) and our newsletters. Every time we post a blog live, a customized Tweet is scheduled twice on the post day from the Twitter handle. If you send us a blog, and have a Twitter account, our tweet will include your Twitter handle.

Send all submissions to: Please let us know that you are interested in blogging for the “Tips & Advice” Blog. You can expect to hear back from someone at within 3-5 business days of submission.

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