WeZipCode's Mascot

ocopus-2oopxHere at WeZipCode.com, we appreciate getting emails from our viewers and new clientele. A large amount of inquiries we receive is about our mascot. “What’s up with the alien?” Well, it is actually an octopus. So, “Why an octopus you ask?”

Our Mascot is called Manny the Octopus. So here you go: 8 reasons (one for each tentacle!) why WeZipCode.com uses Manny* as our mascot.

#1 – An octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures in the world! They are analytical: problem-solvers of the deep seas. Whether in the deep, dark midnight of the ocean, or the depths of the world-wide web, an octopus finds what it is searching for! Can your customers find you?

#2 – An octopus is TOUGH and Versatile. They are almost pure muscle like our search engine is for you! They have tri-directional muscles in all eight legs, allowing them to handle their business…and yours!

#3 – Octopi (multiple octopus) are capable of complex and flexible behavior, because of where they live. They can stand up to the pressures of everyday life, and they can maneuver when they need to!

#4 – An octopus was the very first invertebrate ever to be found using tools! Do you know who else uses tools? All those you are looking for i.e. Mechanics, Plumbers, Carpenter, etc…and all of our advertisers!

#5 – Each arm of an octopus can actually think for itself, allowing them to move independently of one another, and find exactly what it needs just like our “Smart Search Engine”. It’s not just for show that Manny has magnifying glasses on each arm…all the better to find exactly what you want at that moment!

#6 – An octopus has three, yes-THREE hearts! So when we say we have our heart in your business, and your business in our hearts…well, you get the idea!

#7 – Octopi has vision almost like us humans. They are able to take things in and make a true decision on what they really want to do.

#8 – An octopus is Graceful, Fast, and Flexible. They will go where most living things cannot. ; Able to find things you may never have thought of before just like just like WeZipcode.com!

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