How it Works

MAXIMUM EXPOSURE is an on-line, community-based directory for small businesses that offers you a wide array of marketing solutions for your service-oriented business, with a special emphasis on exclusivity per zip code area. In other words, we select a potential “featured” business– per category AND per zip code–to be our community leaders in this specific marketplace. We set aside any other competitor, and we guarantee your business the very best in maximum exposure.

Your business can have the privilege to be the only one with an enhanced profile: including photos, videos, website exposure, social media connections, coupons, announcements, and any other information your company considers relevant for your business in your category. Think of it like someone doing a “special report” on your business EACH and EVERY DAY, for as long as you want to remain on TOP!


Every time a consumer looks for a service around their location–or even farther away, our constantly-updated, continually monitored system will provide the information they need with pinpoint accuracy. Our system will organize their search, beginning with the business nearest to them, and expanding outward. However, if your business is selected to be THE community leader, or featured business in your category, it is listed at the top of EVERY PAGE, with an eye-catching, exclusive look that separates you from the rest of the listings in your category. This maximizes your exposure, and generates more leads, to set you even further apart from your competition.

Each and every service in your category, within every zip code, will have this opportunity–to occupy this privileged position–only if your zip code area is available. This means that your business can BE HERE by getting there FIRST! That way, you receive all the benefits from your enhanced business profile; getting all the attention from consumers–and prospective customers–in your particular marketplace.

The obvious benefits of being atop such a search is not only about exclusivity among your competition, because of the outstanding look of your enhanced business profile; but the fact that your business continues to REMAIN here, regardless of the search range. The search continually returns YOUR enhanced business profile, regardless of the parameters–and your business STAYS right on top…right where it belongs!


We cater to small businesses, because we are know how ferocious the competition from big companies can be. Big companies take the majority of the local market, because they can take advantage of much more expensive marketing strategies, using even bigger companies to broadcast their business across every medium, all the time.

But the most important goal of is to help our communityand the small businesses that make us who we are!–to grow. We want to level the playing field: to be your neighbor, open the door, and let you in! We want to help you take your fare share of this market that is OUR community, and we will do so at a very reasonable price. What you get by being a member of is US! Our resources, our help, our voice, calling out YOUR NAME to OUR COMMUNITY! You get the opportunity to keep YOUR business going…and GROWING in all the right directions! Like right up to the front door of YOUR neighbors…who, VERY SOON, are going to be YOUR new customers! Hey, we live here, too!

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